Amanda WinterA hypnotic beat begins; a rhythmic pounding, aching to be freed from the conga drums. Without a thought, hips begin to sway and from across the dance floor two sets of eyes lock on to each other. On a wave of trumpets and claves, hands take possession and with no words spoken the two are consumed by the montuno. In a flurry of spins, arms, style and ragged breath, pure joy is found. The body waves and moves into Cuban rolls, accentuating the vocalists sensual intentions, then with the flip of hair, the music stops, and the moment ends….. only to begin again, with the beat of the next song.

In moments, a passionate affair began with salsa dancing and its music. Classically trained in the the Cecchetti Method of ballet, Amanda has been dancing since the age of four. Over her long dance career she has explored many genres of dance including jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, and now salsa. With a constant hunger to grow and evolve as a dancer, Amanda continues her training in the Latin style. The “forever student’s” love of this particular genre, has flourished into the desire to teach and to inspire others to connect with dance. Igniting a flame, within her students is at the heart of her teaching. Amanda has every confidence, that even a small flame can bring down the most ridged forest, once the salsa fire has been lit.

To connect with Amanda, please visit her facebook page: Salsa Etc.

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