VIP passesBy far, one of the best dance programs you will find.

Will you meet amazing people?  Yes √
Will you laugh until your belly aches? Yes √
Will you breath dance several times a week?  Yes √
Will you become healthier and start living a more active lifestyle? √
They say that dance can change you life, join us and lets test that saying!

This is our VIP program, your gateway to a fun filled year of dance.  We hope you choose to join us.  Enjoy your visit with us, and please let us know how we may be of assistance.  Talk to you soon, cheers

Here is what you get with your new FDComm VIP PASS!

  1. NEW!!! Two 30 minutes consultations per year with Nico to chat about your dance journey with the FDComm
  2. The pass entitles you to all Group Dance Lessons and Workshops offered by the FDComm
  3. Free entry to the monthly Latin Fiesta’s @ the E-BAR
  4. Free entry to all the Friday Nights Salsa Fix @ the FDComm studio. These includes:
    • 8 beginner/intermediate lessons per month
    • 12 plus hours of social dancing per month
    • Cultural Theme Fridays
    • Guest Instructors on Fridays
    • Performances by local artists
  5. 70’s & 80’s Latin Fiesta @ the FDC (October 22nd 2016)
  6. All White Xmas Ball @ the FDC (November 18th 2016)
  7. Mardi Gras Ball @ the FDC (January 27th 2017)

Extra bonuses for your VIP Pass

  • Up to 15% off on the Live Bands co-hosted with the FDComm
  • Up to 15% off on all Private dance lessons
  • Discounted prices for Group lessons and Workshops with Guest instructors (details below)
  • Up to 15% off on all merchandise sold through the FDC, that includes shoes ladies (coming soon)
  • One Night of Camping during the Flying Dance Festival Event at Guelph Lake – August 2017


Individual VIP PASS

$ 850 .00
1 year
Buy Now


$ 1300 .00
1 year
Buy Now

* Your membership is valid for a year from the date you purchase
* Actual value of pass is more than $2,000 per person

Guest Instructors

Staring in the fall of 2016, FDComm will start hosting guest instructors on a regular basis. For any class or workshop taught by a guest instructor, the VIP students can attend those dance sessions at a discounted price. Here is the breakdown for those lessons:

Our VIP Group Dance Package Prices

* Please note, VIP members can purchase group and workshops passes taught by guests instructors only at the studio, not online.


Drop-in Lessons

$ 20 .00

8 Classes

$ 90 .00

Our VIP Workshop Prices


1.5 hours

$ 20 .00

2 hours

$ 30 .00

3 hours

$ 40 .00

4 Wk Series

$ 60 .00

If you have any questions, please contact me a soon as possible at 1.519.830.0016.

We hope you are enjoying your visit with us, please let us know how we may be of assistance.  Talk to you soon, cheers.  And of course, we’ll see you on the dance floor!