Our Journey, Our Legacy

    In the fall in 2004, an idea was conceived after a road trip to Montreal. This was a simple ordinary idea; it was the seed that would sprout into the lively and welcoming Flying Dance Community (FDComm).   

Our vision at FDComm is clear and inspiring: we aspire to enrich people’s lives through dance, acting as a vibrant catalyst for community building and cultural diversity. This isn’t merely about learning dance steps, it’s about fostering an environment that encourages cultural understanding and a celebration of diversity, all the while reaping the multiple benefits dance brings to our physical health and emotional well-being.

   Over the past two decades, we’ve been privileged to participate in and witness our students’ personal transformation. Our role isn’t just that of instructors but also of friends, mentors, and cheerleaders. We’ve shared in their journey, celebrated their victories, and danced along with them every step of the way.

FDComm started with a simple Salsa beat but has grown into a vibrant symphony of various dance styles. Our repertoire has expanded to include Bachata, West Coast Swing, Flamenco, African & Afro Cuban Dances, Argentine Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Kizomba, Zouk, Merengue, and more. Whether you’re joining us online for our 30-day Salsa challenge or stepping into our in-person group lessons, you’ll find a space that encourages growth, celebrates diversity, and champions personal development.

We provide an array of services that cater to all dancers’ needs – group, private, and semi-private lessons, comprehensive workshop dance series, practice-social dance fusion events, and our celebrated 30-day Salsa dance challenge. Plus, our unforgettable social events like #FNSF and Moonlight Dancing serve as a testament to our thriving, heartwarming community.

In essence, FDComm is more than just a dance community. We’re a movement, a lifestyle, a family that celebrates life through the universal language of dance. So come, join us, and let’s dance, grow, and create beautiful memories together.

Our Team

Why do you love social dancing?

Nemanja Vukelic

Studio Cordinator & Instructor: Salsa & Bachata Dancing • Guelph

Why do I love social dancing?

Rebecca Pollard

Rebbeca May

Instructor: Salsa & Bachata Dancing • Guelph

Why do I love social dancing?

Tiffany McDonald Instructor

Tiffany McDonald

Assist. Instructor: Salsa & Bachata Dancing • Milton

Why do I love social dancing?

Dancing is my place for play and decompression.  It’s the one thing that I know that will always bring me back into a state of joy!

Mikaela Lewis

Founder: Remix Swing

Instructor: WCS • Guelph

Why do I love WCS social dancing?

Andres Rodriguez


Why do I love DJing to Latin Music?

Viviane Frenette-Lapointe

FDFest Cordinator

Why do you love social dancing?

Nathalie Vaz

FDFest Volunteer

Why do I love social dancing?

Amanda Winter

Amanda Winter

Instructor (FNSF)

Why do you love social dancing?

Bradley Chapman

Assist. Instructor (FNSF)

Why do I love social dancing?

Meera Dyer • Assist. Instructor

Meera Dyer

Assist. Instructor (FNSF)

Why do I love social dancing?

Connecting with others through shared music while dancing is a truly beautiful experience

Jarin Pintana

30DSDC Instructor

Why do you love social dancing?

Nico Kaburia

Founder | Dancer

Why do you love social dancing?

Each song is a mystery to be discovered, and each step or misstep helps me explore new terrains in the world of dance!

Interested In Joining our Dance team?

Reasons for joining our dance community


  • Meet new people
  • Connect with old friends
  • Insight into different cultures
  • Indoor and outdoor dancing all year around 

Builds Confidence

  • Take a step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn something about yourself
  • Find your passion in life
  • Live your life fully
  • Laughter rejuvenates You!

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Music soothes your soul!
  • And reduces stress
  • Active living (mind & body)
  • Better balance and posture
  • Improve strength and flexibility

Welcoming Atmosphere

  • Friendly Staff and students
  • Relaxed enviroment
  • Fun classes
  • Lots of laughs

Flexible Options

  • Different formats: group, private & semi-private classes
  • Weekend dance activities: workshops, dance socials
  • Online

Something for Everyone

  • Different dance levels 
  • Different dance styles
  • Different age groups 
  • Different orientations
  • Different cultures

Let's Dance! Supporting Mental Health

Want to make a difference in your community?

Through your kindness today, new and returning members of the FDComm dance community will have many more opportunities to kick off their shoes and dance their stress away. Dancing is a great way to stay in good health and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Join us today and donate toward our local events and volunteer support. Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts. 



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